Relive the magic of those moments Today with Arcade Box.

  • 80s, 90s, 00s Games

    Rediscover these masterpiece that have marked our singular childhood and laid the foundation for the gaming industry we see today.

  • Arcade Box, the treasure chest of our childhood! you'll be stimulated by the positive emotions it contains.

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50,000+ games in your Box

Back then, you dreamed of having as many game cassettes as possible to fill your room, no matter the means or the effort required to gather enough allowance or save up for those coveted games. It was a time of dedication, where each cassette represented a new adventure waiting to be embarked upon.

That dream comes even better true today, Arcade Box completely opens a portal to a world of those games.

Rewind to the early days when you were among the first to embrace video games, and the Arcade Box ensures you never forget that legacy.

  • Amlogic technology

    The Amlogic S905 chip (quad-core) inside ensures an unparalleled gaming experience with smooth gameplay, high-definition 4K graphics, and crystal-clear sound. Say goodbye to lag and interruptions, and immerse yourself in a seamless gaming experience.

  • 50 consoles in 1

    Imagine having access not to just one, but 50 legendary consoles that you've played in the past. From Atari to PS1, Arcade Box offers you an extensive library of 50,000+ timeless games that will transport you through time.

    You will never run out of games, emotions and nostalgia.

You only need one SUPER CONSOLE for all these games, not 50.

41000+ Games

Check list


Check list

buy 1 get 1 free

  • Sleek and lightweight in design

    The Arcade Box is exceptionally portable for your on-the-go adventures. Whether you're on a trip, just carry it along and easily connect it to the hotel TV.

    Enjoy your favorite games wherever you are.

  • Games are fully functional

    The collection of 50,000+ games is fully functional, and each game is complete, allowing you to relive every story of your favorite games.

  • ❝The pixels, the 8-bit music, the adrenaline of the higher levels... These moments weren't just games, they were rites of passage. Arcade Box takes you back to those glorious days.

  • Want to add more games? The procedure is outlined in section 7 of the manual or contact us for a tutorial video.
  • Arcade Box supports all USB and 2.4G wireless controllers, ensuring compatibility with almost any controller.
  • Enhanced gaming experience thanks to keyboard and mouse support for specific consoles such as Amiga. Use controller to navigate into the game and then switch to using the mouse.
  • Save your progress and pick up right where you left off, giving you the opportunity to continue your gaming journey.
  • Easily search and create list of your favorite games.

Easy to Install and Use

The Arcade Box is straightforward to set up and operate. Upon receiving your package, simply connect the box to your TV, attach the controller, and start playing. You don't need any complicated software or technical knowledge; you can begin enjoying your favorite games in 2 minutes, just a PLUG & PLAY experience.

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Arcade Box 🌱

Arcade Box 🌱

  • Shipment within 24-48H
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free shipping and Track your order in real-time
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Own the history of video games in one box

Thanks to its massive library of 50,000+ games, powerful hardware, and intuitive software, Arcade Box is the perfect choice for anyone who played games from the '80s, '90s, and 2000s and wants to relive those experiences just like back in the day. There's no need to wait your turn to enjoy your favorite games as you did in the past. 

 Arcade box

"Whether you're an early gamer, a retro gaming enthusiast, or a newcomer looking to explore classics, Arcade Box has everything you need to enjoy hours of fun and excitement in the comfort of your home"

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  • All your games

    Enjoy 50,000+ games from 50 different console series, all in one super console. Your only regret will be not being able to finish playing them all.

  • "Black Hole"

    You have the ability to add more games to your extensive library.

    In other words, you acquire a "black hole" that only absorbs games.

  • An universal console

    Switch between 26 languages at will, you can play your favorite games without being limited by language barriers.

    Experience the nostalgia of retro games while staying connected to your culture.

  • Multiplayer fun: Play up to four

    Tired of playing retro games alone? With the Arcade Box, you can invite three of your friends to enjoy your childhood games together.

More informations


  • Included Game Controller: Yes
  • Device Type: Video Game Console
  • Bluetooth Compatible: No
  • Games: 33,000+ games pre-installed on the 64GB SD card, 41,000+ games pre-installed on the 128GB SD card and 50,000+ pre-installed 256GB SD card
  • Operating System: EmuELEC 3.9
  • Supported Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Polish, Greek, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Ukrainian
  • Certifications: CE
  • Memory: 1GB RAM + 8GB SD card + 64GB or 128GB game card
  • Chip: Amlogic S905 chip
  • Game System: EE game system
  • Built-in Emulators: NDS, Naomi, PS1, DC, SEGA, and over 50 other emulators
    HD Output: HDMI-compatible output support
  • Languages: Support for 26 language switching
  • Multiplayer: Supports up to 4 controllers at the same time
  • Power Plug: US, EU, UK, AU


Q: Does this console have an Android system? Can I use it to watch TV like a set-top box?
A: No, the console does not have an Android system and cannot be used to watch TV. It is designed solely for playing games.

Q: Can I change the system language?
A: Yes, the console supports 26 system languages, including English, French, Spanish, and many more. You can change the language in the menu, and the provided manual contains detailed instructions.

Q: Can I connect other controllers?
A: Yes, the arcade box is compatible with 2.4G wireless controllers and all USB wired controllers.

Q: How do I exit the game? Can I download more games?
A: To exit a game, press "Start" + "Select" twice. The provided manual contains detailed instructions on how to exit a game and download new games.

Q: What should I do if the screen turns green after startup?
A: Don't worry, it's likely a screen resolution issue. Here's the solution to fix this problem:

  1. Set your TV resolution to 1080P before connecting the console.
  2. Start the console without the SD card, connect it to your TV, and set the resolution to 1080P in the Android TV settings. (When adjusting the Android system resolution, you need to use a mouse to complete this operation.)
  3. Put the SD card back into the console, restart it, then find the Emuelec setting and change the resolution to 1080P. The problem should be resolved.

Please watch the following video for more information:

Note: The resolution 1080P/50HZ may be more appropriate. Please follow each step, if the green screen persists, please contact us again.

Q: If I have any other questions, who should I contact?
A: Please feel free to contact our customer service, we will be happy to answer all your questions.

Shipping and secure payment

We understand that the delivery and security of your order are of utmost importance. That's why we offer free worldwide shipping with tracking in partnership with trusted couriers to ensure fast and efficient delivery. You can rest assured knowing that your suitcase will be safely delivered into your hands.

We offer a 30-day satisfaction or money-back guarantee from the receipt of your Arcade Box. This means that if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it to us within 30 days of receiving it, and we can either exchange your console or provide you with a full refund. Additionally, the return of the Arcade Box is free within a 15-day period. We will cover the shipping costs to facilitate the return process.

We are also available to provide 24/7 customer support to our clients. We are here to answer all your questions and resolve any issues you may encounter.

Furthermore, we understand your concerns regarding the security of your personal and banking information when making an online purchase. We want to assure you that we take the security of your data very seriously. When you make a purchase on our website, we use secure payment service providers such as Stripe and PayPal. These payment platforms are reputable and reliable in the field of online transactions. Their payment systems are secure and adhere to the highest standards of data security. When you provide your credit card information on our website, it is encrypted and securely transmitted directly to our payment service providers. At no point do we have access to your banking information, and we cannot charge any amount to your card without your authorization.

We have many satisfied customers who have chosen Arcade Box and have been fully satisfied with their purchasing experience. Don't just take our word for it, check out their testimonials above and join our community of passionate gamers.

We hope that this information reassures you about the security of your online transactions with us.